Our Recent Investments


Dorian Therapeutics

Fighting aging: blocking senescence at the cellular level to improve medical conditions

Mammoth Biosciences

CRISPR-based platform for diagnostics, democratizing access to an endless variety of tests for bio sensing in healthcare

Fauna Bio

Leveraging innovative approaches to traditional drug discovery by exploring untapped mammalian genetic data for novel therapeutics


Transforming prenatal testing through a simple blood test that is safe and affordable for every expecting mother


Revolutionizing infectious disease diagnostics through the innovative use of next-generation sequencing to analyze microbial cell-free DNA

Hint Health

Revolutionizing health payment by making current paper based and labor intensive payment methods obsolete 

Naked Labs

Transforming health & fitness by disrupting fitness tracking, trainers, dietitian, health clubs, gyms etc.

Quantified Care

Transforming respiratory health by making past respiratory and asthma treatment models irrelevant 

Multiply Labs

Disrupting supplement business by changing the current physical retail based and generic product oriented supplements model


Disrupting healthcare e-commerce by radically transforming paper based quality assurance industry and how consumers buy online



Disrupting health insurance purchasing through cloud-based e-platform

Quantified Care

Revolutionizing chronic care by disrupting current labor intensive, ineffective chronic care models involving a lot of nurses and a lot of doctor visits